Changes are coming!

But in order to implment those changes, there will not be a Palmetto Affordable Housing Forum in 2019.  

Watch for information on the 

 2020 Housing Vision
Enhancing Our Vision For Affordable Housing Opportunities 

We greatly appreciate your continued support of the Palmetto Affordable Housing Forum--South Carolina's premier affordable housing event for almost three decades. We value your partnership and want to ensure that we offer an experience that remains relevant to your organization's interests and needs. We will spend 2019 exploring new topics surrounding housing affordability and identify relevant best practices.  

We will return in 2020 with the new --better than ever --Forum. 

Welcome to the

Affordable Housing Coalition

of South Carolina!

The Affordable Housing Coalition of South Carolina is a policy and advocacy group dedicated to the creation, preservation and improvement of affordable/workforce housing for all South Carolinians.  Founded in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) organization, we are the primary advocates for affordable housing for all South Carolina residents, providing a forum for communication, education, and action among our members to create and improve affordable housing for working families, special needs groups, and individuals.  We are the only professional association in South Carolina representing ALL aspects of the affordable/workforce housing industry.  

The AHC of SC is not a direct service provider.  That means we do not lease or sell housing units, provide funds for emergency housing, or assist with down payments.  If you need help in those areas please begin your search at 


P.O. Box 1623
Columbia, SC  29202