The Affordable Housing Coalition of South Carolina advocates every day on the federal, state and local level on issues related to affordable and workforce housing.  We actively promote a legislative agenda that will support affordable housing and work against issues that will negatively impact affordability.  Below are some of the major issues on which the Coalition has worked on the state level:

Community Land Trust Enabling Legislation - H3676  This legislation established the creation of community land trusts in South Carolina.  Community land trusts generate more options for property accrual and development of affordable housing.

Tax Credits for Development of Abandoned Buildings - H3093 ​This legislation provides tax credits for the redevelopment of abandoned buildings.  This creates expanded opportunities for the development of affordable housing options in buildings that would otherwise have remained vacant.  

Local Housing Trust Fund Enabling Legislation ​- H3509  This legislation gives local governments the authority to establish local housing trust funds and to accept non public funds for the trust funds.  This creates additional opportunities for the development and preservation of affordable housing.  

Excluding Affordable Housing Tax Credits in the Valuation of Property Tax Assessment -H4737  Federal and state income tax credits for low income housing are not to be taken into consideration in valuing land and buildings for South Carolina property tax purposes.  Prior to the passage of this legislation, local governments could assign a value to tax credits and add that value to the total value to the property thus increasing property tax liability.

Including Former Textile Mills Eligible for Tax Credits When Redeveloped into Affordable Housing - ​S728  This legislation successfully addressed problems with the tax credit law as it relates to the use of former textile mills. Former textile mills are now eligible to be redeveloped into affordable housing using low income housing tax credits.

Tax Increment Financing - H4743  This legislation added affordable housing to the list of eligible items that can utilize funds from the Tax Increment Financing statute.  Funds can be used for public affordable housing and for infrastructure needs for private affordable housing developments.  

Expansion of Municipal Improvement Districts - H4745 This legislation expanded the existing municipal improvement district laws to allow financing of large infrastructure projects.   This creates opportunities to develop affordable housing opportunities.

Fees in Lieu of Property Taxes ​- H3768  This legislation was written as a clean-up bill for certain tax issues.  However, as it was written, it allowed for fees in lieu of property taxes to be charged to non-profit housing corporations, thereby negatively impacting the non-profit organizations ability to operate and produce housing units.  the Coalition worked with other partners to remove this provision from the legislation.   

​Impact Fees - The Coalition worked to defeat several proposals that would allow local governments to impose impact fees on new developments.  Such measures would have added costs to the development of affordable housing thus impacting the number of units that could be developed.

Housing Commission - H3919 This legislation established the South Carolina Housing Commission for the purpose of providing recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly to ensure the availability of affordable and workforce housing for every South Carolinian.  

NIMBY - The Coalition monitors legislation each session and opposes efforts to implement NIMBY legislation and regulations throughout the state.  

​Affordability Issues - The Coalition monitors legislation each session and opposes efforts to negatively impact housing affordability such as mandatory sprinklers in stand-alone residential housing.  

​State Budget Issues - The Coalition monitors the state budget legislation each year for any issues that will impact affordable housing and the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority.

National Mortgage Settlement Funds -  In 2012 the Coalition took the lead in the discussion on the National Mortgage Settlement funds in South Carolina.  

LIHTC QAP - The Coalition provides recommendations to the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority each year regarding the Qualified Allocation Plan.   The  Coalition's recommendations can be found at these links:  2019 Cycle2017 Cycle,  2016 Cycle2015 Cycle2014 Cycle and  Addendum , 2013 Cycle and Addendum , 2012 Cycle and Addendum, 2011 Cycle.

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